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Streamlining The Purchasing Process

20 Sep Streamlining The Purchasing Process

You just successfully turned a random website visitor into a paying customer-CONGRATULATIONS! Great!! Now what? If you think that’s the end of the purchasing process, you might want to pump your brakes.

If you want to build a business that runs whether you’re physically there or not, then streamlining the purchasing process is huge. Why? It helps reinforce your brand through the eyes of the most sacred part of business-your customers. Forget the seo, internet marketing or social media marketing because none of it matters if you’re not building towards repeat business.

Many business owners make the mistake of thinking they’ve earned the customer’s trust once they’ve earned their business. NOT entirely true. Now that a purchase has been made, it’s time to prove yourself all over again. Fulfilling on the back end of a purchase is where the REAL VALUE BEGINS!!

Running a business of sound function and mind means more than nabbing the business.  If you DON’T spend time developing a process to fulfill the delivery of products/services on the back end two things are guaranteed to happen

  1. You’ll lose the ability to build a base of repeat customers
  2. You’re business will go into crisis mode as soon as you’re not there

It may help  to visualize the purchasing process as an assembly line. Each step serves a unique purpose with one goal-to create a quality product that customers see value in. Whether your business represents a cut and dry product, or a more comprehensive service. There are always ways to improve the fulfillment (delivery) of the VALUE you represent (it’s called the “branding effect”).

5 Steps to Streamlining the Purchasing Process To Enhance “The Branding Effect”

  1. Setup a team exclusively dedicated to product/service fulfillment (word to the wise: during this stage, it’s huge to recognize the strengths and weaknesses of each person on your team)
  2. Have each member of a team establish specific roles within
  3. Devise  a sequence of SIMPLE STEPS with a maximum of five or six steps to execute fulfilling of delivering the products or services (it’s not rocket science, just common sense)
  4. Leaving the same person in charge of the same task is redundant not too mention BORING. Switch things up on  a whim, without warning. Assign each person to the task for a month to three months, then give them a change of pace. Of course keep in mind you don’t want a shy, quiet person firing out calls to customers for follow through (strengths vs. weaknesses)
  5. Don’t be afraid to allow your team to come to you for suggestions on how to make the process even more efficient (make sure they understand your door is always open). You never know what kind of great ideas can come of letting others use their ingenuity to spark even greater ideas. After all, after countless hours behind the scenes, it’s safe to assume they know more than you in regards to how the purchasing process works. They’re already on the front lines-aren’t they?

The Bottom Line

No business grows without streamlining the ins and outs. Especially in this day and age. There is always a way to increase efficiency for the sake of being MORE effective. It’s a matter of figuring it out but as long as you make a commitment to do so, the chips will fall (they ALWAYS do). So from our Las Vegas web design team to all you entrepreneurs on the grind, stay uncomfortable my friends.  🙂




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