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How To Promote An Event

31 Aug How To Promote An Event

Learning how to promote from one event to the next no matter how insignificant it might seem at the time is a huge part of building a strong online brand. Successful businesses know how to promote from one event to the next, it’s part of their routine. They know the power in keeping their audience in the loop goes hand in hand with profitability. Think about it. What is the one thing all forms of entertainment have in common? “Ding..Ding Tell em what he’s won Bob.”


Any event in the world of entertainment makes you feel as though YOU. CAN’T. MISS. IT!

An upcoming concert by your favorite band at a local venue? YOU CAN’T MISS IT! The previews about the season finale of your favorite show? YOU CAN’T MISS IT! The new adventure flick coming out next week (even without seeing the trailer) your friends tell you-YOU CAN’T MISS IT!

The Art of the Next Event

Are you a master at promoting? ┬áThere is an art to moving from one event to the next. And for all of you out there saying “I don’t really have events to promote.” Unless you don’t plan on using internet marketing as a source to generate new business then YES YOU DO. You can turn the most simple laid back promotion into an event. Got an overstock of something? Make an event out of it. One of your top team members is having a birthday dinner at a local restaurant? Go on Facebook or Twitter and invite your clients (or customers) to stop by for some “good company, great music and a few laughs.” That by itself is an example of how to promote the next event. It doesn’t need to be over complicated. You don’t even need to spend a ton of time planning it. Of course the big events require more time to coordinate for high impact but smaller (and what seem like insignificant) events are just important as the big ones.

Why? Because “little events” are the zipper bags to keep your brand fresh for the big events.

5 Keys to Promoting Your Next Event

  1. Keep information short and sweet
  2. Create a little curiosity (surprise announcement, exclusive sale on popular item only for attendees, huge value to first 50 people, guest appearance)
  3. Talk in terms of how your audience benefits (not you)
  4. Don’t be afraid to humor the audience (keep it lighthearted and witty)
  5. Every “little” event should be used for one purpose only-to promote the next event

Leveraging Resources

Managing and promoting from one event to the next takes a little planning and a lot of consistency. Facebook and Twitter go a long way. Your website or blog should also coincide with social media to keep people in the loop too (preferably by one click of a button on your blog “STREAM LINE IT BOYS & GIRLS!”). You don’t have to over complicate it nor should you over do it. Most times, a few Tweets a long with a witty reminder is all you need.


Before you amp up your event with loads of industry jargon and benefits you think are cool, think of these two words-BIG MISTAKE! I’ve said it a thousand times. PEOPLE DON’T CARE ABOUT YOU, THEY CARE ABOUT WHAT YOU CAN DO FOR THEM. Keep the Tweets short. Facebook posts should be two or three sentences about how the event benefits THEM. The whole purpose is to take your business model (whatever it may be) and add VALUE to the event. Period. Remember the little events are just as important as the big ones. Practice is just as important as the game itself, the only difference is thinking there’s a difference. Marinate on that and stay uncomfortable my friends. This is Premier Pixels Las Vegas web design team signing off.

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