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Google Power Move 3080

23 Aug Google Power Move 3080

In a bold move to show Apple and Microsoft that Google doesn’t plan on riding off into the sunset when it comes to their market share of cell phone penetration, they purchased Motorola this week for a cool $12.5 billion.

Google Doesn’t Just Set the Pace

As if Google needed anymore leverage to stay ahead of competition. They¬†could easily sit back and settle in their comfort zone. After all they’re already years ahead in search engine development and are still considered by many analysts the most valuable brand in the world. But no. Here they go again with another power move acquiring the purchase of the mega cell phone manufacturer Motorola. Why not? It makes sense for them. Purchase the manufacturing rights to Motorola, buy the company and reduce cost production by 80%. That’s what I call “SHOWMANSHIP!!” In other words, THEY ARE the pace.

Still A Ways Away From Apple

In the world of cell phones, they’re still easily a few laps behind I Phone’s usability because their core functionality isn’t nearly as logical as their arch nemesis but they still could theoretically stay nose to nose with Apple in the next five years.

We Could All Take a Lesson in Google’s “Push it to the Limit” Attitude

Say what you will but Google’s actions continuously prove they’re never satisfied. It’s almost seems like an obsession to push themselves further. Where could you be five years from now if you pursued perfection in the same manner (MESSAGE!!!)? Probably beyond the thunder dome. Is it really any wonder they are who or where they are?

At Just Over $501.00 Shareholders Know Google’s Game

Anyone with enough disposable income to buy Google stock knows the game (or the gain) of Google and understand one thing clearly-Google doesn’t pay dividends because they don’t have to. Their R&D are “dividends” in their own rite. We (the seo companies of the world) understand just how far ahead of the competition Google really is. If only the general public knew!!

Three Words to Build By

Google’s game can be summed up in three words-reinvest, reinvest, reinvest. The culture at Google is that of the NAVY SEAL’s (shout out to the creme d la creme of special forces) in the same regard they won’t settle for complacency. Their training never stops. Besides living, breathing and sleeping tactical strategy (or in Google’s case-technology), one can only imagine the mental fortitude ingrained to keep the army motivated. Add that to the fact they’re already light years ahead in tech development and you’ve got an undeniable formula for utter domination.

Building a successful business requires an uncompromising commitment. REINVEST. Not only financially but strategically. Where could you be tomorrow if you modeled Google’s mentality and that of their team’s today? Stay uncomfortable!! Thanks and have a great day!!



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