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The Sacrificial Lamb Of Social Media

17 Aug The Sacrificial Lamb Of Social Media

Okay I’m going to try and tread carefully so as to not offend the cult like advocates of social media but whether they want to admit it or not, as much as there is to gain from sharing information at warp speed, social media carries with it a sacrificial lamb. Regardless of coming off like a killjoy, it’s important to recognize the point in which the lamb gets smothered. So, does the method to the madness lie in our ability to pinpoint the disconnect, or is it already too late??

Giving Everyone A Forum Is Walking on Thin Ice

The one thing that stands out more than anything in social media (especially Twitter) is it gives everyone a chance to voice their opinion. It’s no secret that when a story gets past a long four and five times over the news tends to change. This in turn raises the danger of information being distorted almost to the point where it is unrecognizable. As adults, HAVEN’T WE ALL learned the ‘hard way’ to ALWAYS consider the source before staking our claim to it?

The Unforeseen Layer of Instability

Take the current roller coaster of the stock markets for example. Every person with an internet connection is suddenly blogging an opinion (guilty as charged!!) or has anointed themselves an expert¬†(which drives my cousin Tim a CFP nuts). The point is the ability to let anyone and everyone add their two cents dilutes the information at hand thus adding more opinions rather than facts. Doesn’t this misinform rather than help?

Equal and Opposite Reaction

Remember learning in school for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction? Well, name a documented fact on any subject from internet marketing, to web design to economics and I can Google some random report lingering in cyber space that’s willing to refute your facts with facts of their own.

Where the hell do you begin differentiating unbiased truth from biased opinions?

Even the likes of CNN and FOX news have an agenda. And now here comes social media which basically gives every Tom, Dick and Jane the ability to rationalize an opinionated perspective otherwise mistaken for logic. ¬†Damn, my head is spinning (“Pardon me, would you be so kind as to pass the Dramamine?”)

Is There A Method to The Madness?

In a word-“YES.” There is a silver lining but unless we educate the masses on the “Whens, Whens, Whys and Hows” we will continue to dig a hole we can’t climb out of. Each of us has a responsibility or rather an obligation to the greater good to always consider the source before passing a long information. Otherwise, we are royally screwed. Whether it be news regarding the stock market or the newest trend in marketing an online business, do a little investigation of your own before you decide to Tweet or Facebook your newest “Revelation.” This way we can at least try and filter out truth from fiction because if we don’t start now, the next generation (your kids and mine) might get lost in the information space WE CREATED. Stay uncomfortable my friends and have a great day!!

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