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“Bing It?”

15 Aug “Bing It?”

Last week The New York Times wrote an interesting article called Can Microsoft Make You ‘Bing’? It explains where Bing is at this point in their research development. The article also takes a look at Bing’s deep rooted belief in eventually changing the way people search for information. Wall Street analysts have been extremely critical about the billions Microsoft has invested in Bing and the negative effect its having on stock performance. Though executives at Bing are certain the future is bright-it seems fair to ask….

Does Bing Have Enough Traction in Search to Stay Relevant?

From where seo companies stand, the answer can be summed up in three words. NOT. EVEN. CLOSE.

At least up to this point. Obviously Microsoft is confident in their ability to provide a user experinece comparable with those of their counterparts but it’s not a fair comparison for either search engine. Its almost like putting last year’s Super Bowl Champion Green Bay Packers  against your local varsity high school football team.

Not From Where I’m Standing

Though it’s a safe bet to assume Microsoft has unlimited reserves to invest in the development of Bing, from the outside, it doesn’t look as if there’s a snowball’s chance in hell they’ll be able to keep up with Google. I’ve never been one to count another out but below are three hurdles making the battle over search engine dominance almost too much for Bing to overcome

Google is Culturally Embedded

It’s tough to break any cycle, especially one as ingrained as using Google to seek out information. We’ve become comfortable with it. It’s almost an unconscious action. Need to find out information about a person, place or thing? “Google It.” How can Bing even begin to reverse such an integral part of the current culture? Where do they begin?

“Bing It?” (Huh?) Doesn’t have the same ring; does it?  Doesn’t roll off the tongue the same, that’s for sure.

By Default Google is Already Gone

The more searches Google yields, the further ahead of the game they are. For every minute, hour, and day that goes by, Google is that much further ahead. In the incomparable words of Jay Z, Google is “already gone.” They yield billions of searches more a month than Bing and use the data as a means to enhance the experience. There are no signs they’ll slow down anytime soon (in fact with Google + looks like they’re about to go on another tear).

The Hearts and Minds

The verdict is in. It’s not even close. Where is the hard value to rank in Bing? In order for web design and internet marketing companies to allocate search engine optimization resources around Bing’s algorithm, we need tools to show clients there is value in search engine rankings in Bing. The problem is Bing offers no definitive stats to support this.

Why should we encourage clients to invest time, seo and resources into winning the hearts and minds of Bing when there are basically no tools to track progress? Is it possible Bing has reached their market cap? Hopefully not. Maybe they don’t care about the user experience of  today, maybe it’s about tomorrow. In either case, they’ve got an uphill climb in the middle of a mudslide. Thanks and stay uncomfortable my friends!!

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