Merrill Hoge Criticizes Tim Tebow? Premier Pixels Web Design Las Vegas
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Merrill Hoge Criticizes Tim Tebow? Huh?

04 Aug Merrill Hoge Criticizes Tim Tebow? Huh?

Everyone has a right to their opinion. That’s what makes this country great. But some analysts will say or do just about anything to tear another down in front of other’s in order to try and stay hot or in control-including saying Tim Tebow is an over rated guy who only made it this far in his career as a star quarterback in college and now a highly criticized prospect trying to step up to the NFL because of luck. “The buck stops here” they say.

Merrill You Wrote a Book

Merrill Hoge is a profound author and widely known as a respectable voice on ESPN as an NFL Analyst. He wrote a book called “Find A Way: Three words that changed my life“. Based on the title let’s assume this is a motivational book about attitude. Don’t you find it ironic that a “motivational speaker” of sorts is telling someone they’ll never be able to fulfill their dream? Ms. Morissette? Any thoughts? It’s hard to believe anyone could make a living by unfairly criticizing in such a way they condemn a person’s ability to succeed before fate takes it’s natural course. Is there a possibility he’s right? Maybe. Should we count Tim Tebow out before he’s been given a fair chance? Hell No!

Attitude is everything. It’s an intangible rarely used to it’s full potential, but when it is, it (or you) can use it to do anything you want. Even by today’s standards. Merrill Hoge is biting off a little more than he chew, and Tebow fans believe he’s going to eat his words. The question is whether he’ll have the balls to admit it when Tebow makes him look like an idiot? My money is no but will see.

Merrill Hoges is trying to act holier than thou in the art of criticism. Maybe hes doing it to make us talk about him, I don’t think he’s that good at chess but in either case he’s gone too far with his critique. Want to learn the art of criticism Merrill? Here’s a thought-how about watching (or reading) how Kornheiser and Wilbon do it? You see even they’ll admit, Tim’s a charismatic leader who believes in his ability to lead a football team. They’re smart enough not to count Tebow out yet because Tony and Michael know what a winner looks like. And winners can defy any odds stacked against them. Are you Merrill? Did you Merrill? Could you Merrill? Yet here you go harshly criticizing someone for something similar to what you’ve faced before too-the odds. We all have our own stuff we go through because we’re all people and people to the core, are people to the core.

Here’s the Best Part

Merril Hoges probably spent the better part of a couple hours coming up with his “critique on ESPN.” You know how Tebow responded? Via Twitter: ” Thanks Merrill, ppreciate that”

What? That’s how much thought he gave to Merrills critique.

Gotta love that! Right? Think about it. Is that a sincere answer speaking from the heart of a leader?

How is this Relative to starting or Running a Business? To run it, and run it well to the point of making a living off of it, to hopefully building a life for you and your family-YOU need to believe.

You think my team believes?

Ib? Adam? June? Tim? U? (Sharp, weigh in anytime too) (my man Mark in Cali?) Do you think Tim Tebow really cares what Merrill Hoges thinks? Hah or Huh? In his mind he’s a NFL quarterback, could you really count him out after one incomplete season ( or his lifespan of doom by Merrill’s standards). Fans in Denver love him and it seems anywhere else he goes, he has fans. Coaches will always respect that as a leader. And leaders love leaders.  Leaders roll the dice sometime because that’s what we do. Great coaches love winners because they are too (coach, coach Ibn). Tim Tebow will probably be criticized his entire career unless he becomes a mega star, but isn’t that the price for success? Last time I checked,  criticism comes with a price tag on it just like anything else. The best way to stop people from criticizing is to make them bounce a check their “big mouth” can’t cash. And make them admit they never had ‘The Money’ in the first place. Damn. Okay i’m talking way bigger than I should.

Another Case of Mind Over Matter

This is really an energy we control. We have short memories when it comes to mind over matter. For some mysterious reason we tend to forget. And no matter how many times we hear someone who triumphs against all odds, we have complete autonomy to make the mind do what the body needs or vice versa. In the halls of life, one thing matters-we all get tested. In one way or another, we fail or we succeed. But success was, has and always will be yours because we control the last words. Whatever success is to you. To each their own. But don’t be afraid to dig deep. Stay uncomfortable my friends.

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