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Recession Proof From Afar

03 Aug Recession Proof From Afar

Okay. With all of this ‘raise the debt ceiling’ talk, things are feeling a little uneasy out there. Could there be another recession on the horizon? Lord only knows. What we do know is everyone has an opinion, and those opinions are beginning to take their toll.

Are we doomed? Hell no. We are the most resiliant country on earth but it’s important to realize where we stand if another recession hits and how we should approach it if it does?

Think Inertia

An object in motion; RIGHT (I was terrible at science, so don’t think i’m a braniac here 🙂 I am no financial analysts, on any level and frankly it’s become cliche to be one (too many opinions, not enough logic). But I do know the difference between revenues vs expenses. And right now, you need to be thinking in terms of your business and how it relates to the climate  ahead. So whether you’re a wholesaler a retailer or a business to business company, there is always ways to stay ahead of the curve. Here are some things to think of in terms of staying in constant forward motion.

Make Opportunities Instead of Excuses

No Matter the weather, it’s about growing properly. The pace is up to you, not the economy. Of course we all are on the same team when it comes down to being patriotic, but running a successful enterprise in these days and times is not for the faint of heart. ?You will have to dig deep. Regardless of setbacks, there is always a way. Problems will always arise, you have to continue coming up with solutions to keep marching on. CAN I GET AN “AMEN?”

Business to Business Sites

Business to business companies could be the least effected by an economy shake up. These times often inspire wake up calls. People all of a sudden realize how vulnerable they are and begin doing something about it. SEO and web design companies can still thrive and so can many other business to business products/services.

How can you maximize the quality of your services? Try pinpointing the exact cause and effect of why your products and services are unique? How can your blog help solve some of the challenges new companies face?

For existing ones there will inevitably be cutbacks right? How does your service add value to their bottom line? Now might be a good time to reemphasize value. Be subtle but make your point. Think like an entrepreneur looking to cutback on spending. Why wouldn’t your service be the first to go? Tell them.

Retail/ Niche E Commerce

Lisa Barone at Outspoken Media had a killer blog piece today on maximizing e-commerce sites for best results. Creating leverage goes a long way. Doing more with less requires a little planning but there are always ways to improve things without spending. People will inevitably cutback but everyone’s entitled to treating themselves, even in tough times. Where does your product fit into their “I deserve a new ________ or little Bentlee needs a new _____________. Think visibility. Think more awareness. Think promotions and special deals. What drives revenue? Try a new internet marketing strategy. You don’t need to spend thousands upon thousands to yield a profit or create momentum.  One spark makes a difference. Think cumulative effect.

Drown the Noise

Get rid of loose baggage. If an internet marketing strategy seems to have slowed, don’t hesitate to switch things up. Drown out what’s not working. The worst thing you can do is think “this marketing worked before, it will work again. No, it won’t. Keep it moving. Don’t get consumed with the news of the day. Stay focused on your business. Not the economy’s. Stay recession proof from afar. Come up for air, but don’t get tangled in the webs of sob story chatter. It will choke you. Go where there are solutions. Name your challenge, there’s a blog with insight waiting to spark your genius (hint…hint…).

Problems Come Problems Go

More problems, more answers. That’s it. Stay uncomfortable my friends and have a great day.






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