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Hedging The Halo Effect

01 Aug Hedging The Halo Effect

One of the long standing questions in internet marketing has been whether or not a website should buy keywords (run pay-per click) if they’re already ranking in the top 3 organically for that same keyword. It’s called ‘the halo effect.’

Many entrepreneurs tend to think if they’re already in position from an organic standpoint, there’s no point in running ppc. The logic being they worked hard in their seo strategy so they wouldn’t have to pay for every click so in essence, replacing one marketing approach with another seems a fair way to look at it; RIGHT?

Not so fast….

Concentration Never Hurt Anyone

Marketing is always about results. Does this help grow my revenue or not? Believe it or not,  it’s that simple (for some).  I like the analogy of comparing internet marketing to a pendulum in constant motion, swinging from one side to the other. ‘The halo effect’ represents the swing of strategies. From ppc to seo to blog marketing to link building. They’re all connected to one common goal-increasing visibility. Running an effective internet marketing campaign is as much about being multifaceted as the campaign itself. Sometimes it takes two, three or four to tango. Just like your friendly neighborhood financial adviser would tell you about your retirement portfolio-“A little diversification goes a long way.” (point, wink, nod) Sound familiar?

Test The Waters

An article at Search Engine Land last week called Should You Bid On A Keyword If You Rank Organically For That Term? by Brad Geddes suggest running a trial testing to determine which strategy produces higher conversions and fundamentally more revenue. The test couldn’t be any easier to experiment while you’re marketing.

Below are 4 reasons why you should make an attempt to “hedge your internet marketing” using the Halo Effect

1. They Both Play a Role- Though your targeting the exact same keywords, pay-per click allows you to concentrate all efforts into improving conversion rates. It plays a role SEO can’t. No Meta Descriptions, No Alt Tags or On-site optimization (organic page rules don’t apply). Just you, yourself and a landing page strictly focused on driving leads. :-}

2. Number’s Tell All- When done properly (read Brad Gettes article above), the evidence will provide hard numbers. Including comparing conversion rates or whether or not revenues go down, stay even or (hopefully) go up.

3. It’s Not PPC vs. SEO- The consensus believes you should either do one or the other, or use PPC as a means to an end until your SEO takes effect. It’s almost like comparing eating apples to blueberries. Would you stop eating one because of the other? If you eat an apple for breakfast on Monday, does that mean you shouldn’t eat blueberries on Tuesday? One would think eating both fruits would only help your body reap double the nutrition; RIGHT?

4. Own Your Niche- If visibility equals profitability, isn’t owning your online niche about creating authority? It’s not rocket science people.

A Little Competitive Advantage Goes a Long Way

It’s a dog eat dog world out there boys and girls. In order to stay ahead keep your multiple marketing satchel (“it’s not a purse, it’s a satchel, Indiana Jones wheres one”) FULL. If you don’t remember that line, you’re missing a classic. 🙂 Stay uncomfortable my friends.

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