Controlling The F.E.A.R. Premier Pixels Web Design Las Vegas
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Controlling The F.E.A.R.

21 Jul Controlling The F.E.A.R.

Building a business has as much to do with controlling your Faith Energy And Reason as the business itself. Anyone who’s ever built a company from the ground up will tell you the beginning is hard. Especially when blind faith and limited capital are the only “two nickels” you have to rub together. The realist in you knows full well the odds are against you, but you don’t care. You’ve got more drive than the Indy 500.

Everything seems black and white at the beginning. “X dollars go here, Y dollars go there.” You’ve thought of everything; RIGHT? Makes you feel impenetrable; RIGHT? Like you were born for this, to be an entrepreneur and call your own shots. Forget what your friends and family say-“I’ll show them.”

Then Reality Sets In

Okay, you took a risk. You’ve got cojones, but can you control the F.E.A.R. when reality sets in, the doors open and you realize there’s nobody standing on the other side? Controlling the F.E.A.R.s will be the only thing to sustain you until you reach greener pastures. Knowing this, here’s a closer look to better understand how to harness and (most importantly) embrace the F.E.A.R.


The bible says it best-“Faith without work is dead.” Faith is a relentless belief in the unseen. You either have it or you don’t. Faith is what gets you through the bad days. It propels you forward. It’s an unwavering mindset. Can you question it? Of course, we’re human aren’t we? It programs you. “No obstacle is too great, no setback too big.”  A faithful mindset only focuses on the goal, not the distraction. When faith wanes, so too will your business. Keep pushing and stars will align.


Your energy comes from your faith. Not the physical kind, the spiritual kind. Energy has a funny way of mirroring itself. Ever had a friend who was notorious for being an obnoxious intolerable person when they drink? Ever notice whenever they go out, there is always drama? Either it’s a fight or an embarrassing scene that always ends the same-with someone driving them home stopping so they can puke a long the way (i’m a retired babysitter). 🙂 A positive aura always attracts positive energy. Call it some unwritten law but it really is like a magnet. Don’t focus on what anyone else is doing. Focus on you. Good fortune follows good energy.



If the “WHY” is strong, the “HOW” doesn’t matter. I love that philosophy. What is your why? Why are you starting your own business? Why are you committed to getting in better shape? Why are you sacrificing so much right now? Who benefits? Loved ones? Your children? Your parents? Reasons reinforce passion. It needs to be bigger than you. Bigger than what you get out of it. What is it? Write it down. Put it on the fridge. Hang it on the ceiling above your bed. Let it be the first thing you see in the morning. Let it help program your energy for the day.

Don’t Call it Philosophy

I’m not a philosopher or a motivational speaker. Rarely will you see inspirational blogs at Premier Pixels Las Vegas web design blog. But I do believe in the attitude of success. Everyone needs inspiration. Inspiration has the power to change the fate of one person or spark an idea that changes the world. It’s that powerful. Not even your favorite song would exist without it. Can you imagine a world where Bob Marley or The Beatles didn’t exist? Without inspiration they wouldn’t have. Get the point? Get it? Do you? Ha. This week I was inspired by someone whom I’ve never even met.

Susan Esparza is a managing editor at Bruce Clay and a leading voice in the seo and internet marketing community. She recently decided to leave her prestigious position at BCI to pursue a greater calling. That inspired me. No matter how comfortable she is at BCI, Susan feels her passion is better suited for worldly issues rather than search engine optimization. She is the epitome of what controlling the F.E.A.R. is all about.

Stay uncomfortable my friends. Thanks and have a great day.


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