Is Google Playing Not To Lose? Premier Pixels Web Design Las Vegas
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Is Google Playing To Win Or Not To Lose?

11 Jul Is Google Playing To Win Or Not To Lose?

Between media, financial analyst and bloggers, the trend of pitting Google against Facebook leaves us with no choice but to do the same. The announcement of the Google Plus social media platform has only intensified the topic. “Oh the drama!”

As social media evolves, Google realizes they have no choice but to jump in with both feet. As you may have heard, Google recently unrolled the red carpet for their own version of social media called Google Plus. The ‘Google Groupies’ of the world (guilty as charged) are living in a state of bliss, proudly shaking their heads and saying ” I knew it, I saw this from a mile away.” If you’re in that elite group of ‘Monday Morning Quarterbacks” who saw this coming-good for you. I never really fed into the hype that Facebook would somehow replace Google therefore I didn’t see it.

I’ve always been a sports junkie. Some teams go into a game, play with intensity and go up big in the beginning. Then for no logical reason at all, they begin to play conservatively. Almost as if they’re playing not to lose rather than playing to win.

Is Google Plus a sign that they’re playing to win or not to lose?

Social media as a whole is very young to begin with. Although the idea they’re playing not to lose has merit, it doesn’t mean they’re so far behind to make an impact. Their launch reinforces the influence social media has on seo.

Was It a Good Move?

Some Critics are critical. Of course for every step you take in the public eye, there’s always a critic, pointing a finger questioning your every move. Especially when you’re rated the second most valuable company in the world, and you have shareholders to answer to.

It seemed a logical move. Let’s keep it real, Google still has the upper hand in marketing over Facebook. The big question is can they successfully mesh their search engine with social media?

And can they do it in such a way that users embrace it? Its one thing to create a social media platform, it’s another to create an an environment that’s familiar users but different at the same time? Big question marks.

Will it work?

The verdict is still out. You could say the social media landscape is already dominated by Facebook.  Yes, marketing traction will be an uphill battle but would anyone dare count Google out? They’ve got the platform and infrastructure to make an immediate impact on social media. Virginia Nussey at Bruce Clay did hit the nail on the head when she said “you can’t strong arm your way onto the cool kids table.” But this is Google. Their reputation should at least allow them to talk their way into sitting down with the cool kids for lunch.

Once Upon A Time

Once upon a time Social Media was a high school. One senior boy named Facebook was considered the coolest, most popular kid in the entire school. Then a down to earth pretty young freshman girl named Google transferred to Social Media High as a student bringing half of her student body from her old school with her.

Google quickly realized she can no longer sit idly on the sidelines watching Facebook single handily rule Social Media High’s entire student body. Google believes Facebook is winning the popularity contest because he has no competition. So being the opportunists she is, she does exactly what the situation calls for, and jumps in the game. Could Google feel Facebook has been winning all this time by default? In either case, Google wants in on changing the face of consumer behavior and popularity at Social Media High.

Who Will Wear the Crown?

There will always be room for two leaders at Social Media High. But there can only be one king (or queen) of the hill. Facebook holds the crown now. The question is who will rule Social Media High with more followers, more influence and more authority in social media and seo? Bet the house. Google is playing to win, not to lose. Does Zuckerberg feel FB is too powerful to get knocked off the throne? Will he be playing to win now that he has formidable competition on the horizon? Or will he play not to lose? Who knows?

Have a great weekend boys and girls. Who do you think will win the battle of social media supremacy?






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