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Mobile Website Design Plain As Day

06 Jul Mobile Website Design Plain As Day

I’m still reeling over the fact we’re almost in mid summer and while watching the fireworks last night, it suddenly dawned on me-“how in the hell is it July already?”

And now back to our regularly scheduled program.

Is your website adapted for smart phones, tablets and I Pads?

“This is Your Brain on Mobile Devices-Any Questions?”

The above current stats speak volumes regarding the behavior of online consumers and how mobile users are accessing information

Here’s a broader perspective on how smart phones, I Pads and Tablets will influence the ability for you to connect with customers online.

1. 37% of all mobile subscribers are smartphone users- There are 300 million people in the U.S. For the sake of example, let’s exempt 33% of the population out of these figures for either being 0-14 yrs of age or 65 yrs and older. Which means out of roughly 200 million Americans, 74 million are currently connected through a smart phone, I Pad or Tablet.

The Takeaway?- It’s one thing to get passed up by someone who simply chooses to go elsewhere. Its another to lose customers by default for not being mobile accessible. None of us can afford to leave business on the table; can we?  If you haven’t put a timeline in place to create a mobile website, you’re a player on the sidelines. Please get your head in the game.

2. The amount of data smartphone users consume has increased 89% in the past year- Mobile users are becoming more efficient in their ability to perform routine activities online. Whether they’re checking Facebook, Twitter or local news, mobile browsing is no longer the minority- it’s the norm.

The Takeaway?- The more familiar mobile searches become, the better off your business will be. It doesn’t take a genius to understand what the numbers are telling us (better yet screaming at us). Mobile users will increase exponentially over the next few years. How much will you and your business benefit as a result?

3. Cost of Data Usage has Dropped from 14cents per/megabyte to 8cents per- Whales like AT&T dropped the cost of usage doesn’t correlate with higher margins but rather derive from volume, subscribers and usability.

The Takeaway?- Follow suit. The smart phone market isn’t even close to it’s cap. Critical mass doesn’t lie. In two years, 8 out of 10 people will own a smart phone. How can you position your business to leverage a trend already here?

4. 25% of Mobile Browsing is Done with an I Pad- If there were any doubts about the direction of mobile devices,  this should suffice. The I Pad is only a few years old yet it represents 25% of the marketing traction in mobile usage.

The Takeaway?- This statistic should already strike a chord with you and how it relates to making sure you have a website for mobile devices. If not, go to your local Starbucks and watch the patrons swarm in and out for the next two hours. How many smart phones, I Pads and Tablets can you count? Keep track. Now multiply that number by a cool 4 or 5 million (I love adding ‘cool’ in front of the word ‘million’). Can you really afford not to adopt to the behavior of your online customers?

5. 35% of Mobile Web Surfing is done through I Phones- This is the icing on the cake. It’s no secret why Apple was recently rated the most valuable company in the world. Now add the fact that Verizon is licensed to sell I Phones and let the critical mass begin!

Marketing Takeaway?– Apple didn’t just pioneer the landscape-they created it. Their momentum has taken on a life of it’s own. There are no signs of slowing down. Apples controls the pace, direction and market. Either go a long for the ride or get left behind. You decide.

Final Thoughts

As businesses undoubtedly adhere to the newest trends in mobile website design, it’s exciting to think of the momentum you can create by leveraging a broader line of accessibility for your business. In three years from now, we can all look back on this post with glee. “Ah..if we only knew then what we know now.” Thanks and have a great day.

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