Is Bing Gaining On Google? Premier Pixels Web Design Las Vegas
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Bing Versus Google?

29 Jun Bing Versus Google?

Top of the morning from Premier Pixels Las Vegas Web Design headquarters. Search Engine Land (quite possibly the top SEO blog) recently analyzed reports by comScore suggesting Bing is gaining search engine ground on Google. I thought now would be a great time to peel the layers, dig a little deeper and analyze the study. Let’s put this in perspective; shall we?

Number’s Don’t Tell the Whole Story

You can NEVER count out a company when the captain of the ship is Bill Gates and although Bing has reason to feel good about the numbers, logically speaking its hard for me to look at this data and have any other reaction other than “Close, but no cigar.”

“People lie, numbers don’t” Or can they?

As much of a cult following this saying has in the corporate world (if I had a dollar every time I used it….), this study could be the rare exception to the rule. In laments terms, you could say the numbers are smoking mirrors.

Here’s Why

By default, the complexity of search engine development is a science that should always keep Google ahead of the game for the sheer fact they’ve got a ten year head start. R&D makes the hands of ‘Father Time’ Google’s best friend and consequentially, Bing’s worst enemy.¬†Even Yahoo can’t hold a candle to Google and they’ve been around longer than Bing. I mean let’s keep it real, the only reason Yahoo is still relevant is because they reinvented themselves as a premier media outlet. And while I have no doubts Bing will grow leaps and bounds, they’re not going to surpass Google.

Bing’s Strong Point

Though it’s hard for me to give Bing too many advantages over Google, they do have one. Their trial and error won’t be nearly as profound. Why? Because Google paved the way. Google pioneered the landscape. Yes there were other’s before them, but none have come close to making the impact Google has.

When you began working at your place of employment, or started your business, you were determined to learn by watching the best; RIGHT? The same applies here. Success is always duplicated by watching others.¬†Naturally, Bing wants to be the best and they have Google to model their success after, which plays to Bing’s advantage because it significantly shortens their learning curve. Makes sense; RIGHT?

The Only Line of Defense Google Needs

We could spend all day explaining Google’s dominance over other search engines, the systems which make it superior for seo but in the end, a ten year head start should keep Google ahead of the curve for decades. Could Bing catch up? Yes, but not very likely. So long as Google continues to pioneer the landscape its a virtual landslide. Then again, who knows where search engines will be twenty years down the road? Scary.

Does the FTC See the Forest Through the Trees?

They think so. Is this the reason they’ve decided to investigate Google as a monopoly? And isn’t it ironic Bing (owned by Microsoft) was exonerated a few years back after being accused of the exact same thing? How is a company a monopoly if they saw the vision first? How was Microsoft a monopoly? Could the only thing the Government penalizes a pioneer for is being just that-a pioneer? It’s a waste of time, energy and resources. Google isn’t any more a monopoly than Microsoft, yet here comes the FTC wasting valuable tax dollars investigating a company who took a risk when no one else would. Is the NFL a monopoly? Is the NBA a monopoly? How about investigating the likes of the biggest monopoly in the history of commerce-oil companies. Okay, that’s a whole other conversation.

Hopefully I’ve given you some food for thought. In either case, there’s still plenty of search engine market share to go around. Whether you like it or not, Google and Bing are the future of search engines; in that order. Thanks and have a great day.





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