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SEO Common Ground

17 Jun SEO Common Ground

Happy Friday boys and girls!

Today I thought we’d spend a few minutes expanding on one of the most complex (and seldom talked about) variables in the s.e.o world. Web design and search engine optimization companies bear a huge responsibility to help clients grow their business. So here’s the million dollar question….

How do you service a client’s s.e.o. needs while giving them the best chance to maximize profitability?


Where do you draw the line when helping clients feels like playing tug of war with your back turned?

It’s an agonizing predicament. Yes ‘it’s the cost of doing business’ in this field, to a degree, but it’s not always that simple. Hats off to those who’ve learned to keep it black and white, i’m still figuring it out.

In a perfect world, each and every one of our clients would be hugely successful, but it’s simply not realistic, the painful fact is most businesses don’t last past two years (if they’re lucky). Knowing this; how do we maximize each client’s ability to grow and thrive in such a competitive marketplace? And even more importantly, live with the results when it’s all said and done?

So without further a do, here are some non-negotiable criteria s.e.o houses should should always follow for every client….

1. If they don’t understand the value of creating a long term s.e.o. plan, either you’re not explaining it properly or it’s time to go in separate directions (“Fire a client? No Way!” “WAY!”)

2. Blog Marketing goes hand in hand with becoming an authority in their field. You’ll find out just how bad they want to dominate the search engines because blogging for most is where the rubber meets the road.

3. Not only are YOU their web developer or internet marketing specialists, you’re their ADVISOR

4. You can only go as far as the client is willing to go

5. Hammer this home- “Real visibility doesn’t happen overnight”  Now say that once (or twice) a month to each client in hopes the light bulb will eventually go off 🙂

6. Set realistic time frames (a year or more) before they’ll see serious momentum

7. If you’ve convinced them a flash website is the only way to go, “Congratulations” you’ve already set them up for failure

8. S.E.O. isn’t just performance, it’s keeping the client hands on to broaden their horizons

9. A client who doesn’t see value in investing their time (not just money) in s.e.o. is bound to capsize

10. Persistence Always Beats Resistance

The dynamics behind figuring out how to make each one of your client relationships work in your favor is at best a delicate balance, and at worst, a puzzle not worth figuring out. As long as you can stand in the mirror, look yourself square in the eyes and say “I put it all on the line for ___________ (client’s name) then be at peace with the results. And remember to always go where you’re appreciated, not where you’re tolerated. Have a great weekend!

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