Launch Of Google +1 Premier Pixels Web Design Las Vegas
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Launch Of Google +1

03 Jun Launch Of Google +1

After months of anticipation,  Google finally launched it’s Google + 1 earlier this week. The concept allows users to critique websites with a thumbs up or thumbs down and share content throughout the their online community. Here’s a glimpse from Premier Pixels Las Vegas S.E.O. and Web Design perspective.

Why Google + 1 Will Help Grow Your Business…..Eventually

Through a short snippet of code, you can place a social rating button on pages throughout your site that gives users the ability to rate your website (or individual pages of your site) by the click of a button. Learn how to add Google +1 to your website

Google has a steep mountain to climb to reach the heights of Facebook’s “Like” Button but you have to start somewhere. The important thing is it’s a start…so what exactly is Google +1 and what are it’s benefits?

1. Gives you another platform to leverage social search to further strengthen your brand

2. Google + 1 will increase the awareness of your products/services throughout your warm market thus making you new contacts throughout the online community

3. It’s social marketing with a Google twist (Google will change the social media playing field…eventually)

4. It allows users to share content with one another in a new way

5. Through organic listings Google has suggested it will look at the effect of Google + 1 as a means to increase S.E.R.P.s

6. It will be another feature in your Google Analytics to further optimize conversion

7. When something is recommended through friends and family, it holds a lot more weight than coming from a stranger because birds of a feather tend to have similar taste (DUH!)

8. A critique from a familiar name will make a snippet more appealing thus increasing the likelihood that person will click to your page (website). “If Lindsay likes it; I probably will too.” An example on Google Ads would look similar to this “Lindsay and 19 other people + 1’d this”

9. Google will be conducting trial testing  to improve the efficiency (and effectiveness) of Google +1 as we go. The sooner you get on board, the further ahead of the curve you’ll be.  Google +1 FAQs will further provide insight

10. Eventually Google +1 will appear in mobile search search results (it’s inevitable)

To Make A Long Story Short

Google + 1 is still in it’s infancy stages and as with any new tool there will be some trial and error a long the way but keep in mind; IT’S GOOGLE. They’ll figure it out and it won’t be long before it takes on the exponential effect. There’s been whispers throughout the s.e.o. community about Google using +1 as a means of forcing us into joining their social network community. Lisa Barone from Outspoken Media hit the nail on the head with her article Google Corrals Users Into Social Network, No One Screams. It’s a great read for anyone looking to visualize the longterm cause and effect of Google’s social network.

The Sooner, The Better

The last thing you should do is wait before you implement +1 in your bag of s.e.o. tools. Of course Google has failed with new product launches in the past (haven’t we all?) but this launch was well thought out and a long time coming. To say it’s only the beginning would be an understatement. Thanks and have a great weekend!!

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