Marketing Lessons From Lady Gaga Premier Pixels Web Design Las Vegas
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Branding And Marketing Lessons From Lady Gaga

27 May Branding And Marketing Lessons From Lady Gaga

So I bet you never thought you would hear me talk about Lady Gaga on Premier Pixels Las Vegas web design and s.e.o. blog. Neither did I. Not that I have anything against Lady Gaga. She’s an exceptional talent and I’ve come to appreciate her eccentricity. The scary part is she’s only a few years into her career yet she’s already an international icon. Everything from her clothes to her music is trend setting.

But if you look past the glitz and glamor you’ll see she’s quite the genius at promoting her brand. From a business standpoint there’s something you and I can learn by watching her work.

Let’s peel back the layers and take a closer look at the marketing and branding powerhouse she’s become (even by celebrity standards).

She’s Huge But Still Manages To Embrace The Power of Personal Service

I recently read an article last week where Gaga was performing on Saturday Night Live’s Season Finale (which was funny as hell by the way). Crazed fans waited up to 50 hours straight to get tickets and word got back to her. So what did Gaga do? She sent pizza and refreshments to all the waiting fans to show her appreciation.

Despite how ‘bigger than life’ Lady Gaga is she still manages to provide personal service. That’s a touching display; don’t you think? By doing this a bond was formed. If that’s not an example of client appreciation; what is?

If we all went above and beyond to show our clients more appreciation; how much stronger would our brands be (or become)?  Be sincere. It’s not about spending money or creating extra headaches, it’s about showing client’s you appreciate them. Remember the strength of a gesture goes a long way (more than we can measure). What unexpected gesture could you do to show your clients how much you appreciate them?

She Understands How To Make Her Fans (Clients) Feel Important

Lady Ga Ga has ten million Twitter Followers. She leverages Twitter as a means of staying plugged into the heartbeat of her business-her fans. She regularly engages with fans and asks for their feedback. Not only does this give her a better idea of what her clients want, it gives them a sense of importance because it allows them to be involved. It let’s each one of them know-“I welcome your advice.” Genius. How do you make your client’s feel important?

She Boldly Markets Where No Marketing Has Gone Before

In an age where marketing music has been watered down by the internet, Gaga took her marketing and promotion campaign in a bold new direction by leveraging social media and affiliate marketing to offset fans having to pay retail for the album.

It’s A Win/Win/Win

How the companies win

Mega companies like Starbucks and Best Buy decided to promote their products and services through sponsoring her album. They offered huge discounts on the album through various downloads and programs of their own. Of course you have to “pay to play” and fees were probably steep to sponsor such an anticipated event but their brand equity is going to skyrocket as a result.

How fans win

Fans around the world are saving money through the company sponsorships. They get a great album by their favorite artist and don’t haver to pay normal prices to get it.

How Lady Gaga Wins

Lady Gaga delivered a quality product for her clients at a fraction of the cost. She could’ve easily priced the album in the normal range and sold millions of copies but decided the fans would benefit more using this approach. They saved money. Can you say “fan appreciation?”

She LEVERAGED (definition-doing more with less) her marketing efforts by using social media and affiliate marketing, saving millions of marketing dollars in the process. Hence; creating higher profit margins.

We can all stand to learn a thing or two by watching how leaders strive to set new standards. It’s not about about copying others but rather emulating success. Of course, none of us are Lady Gaga but in an ever changing world of entrepreneurship, some elements of running a business will forever remain constant. In what ways could you set new standards in marketing, client appreciation and building the equity of your brand?




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