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Mobile Marketing Campaign Trail

19 May Mobile Marketing Campaign Trail

The potential for creating substantial visibility through Mobile Media is no longer talk or speculation. It’s real. Experts a like predict Mobile Media marketing is the next billion dollar wave on the horizon. And with Apple’s 2011 first quarters earnings (almost 17 million I Phones sold) it’s hard for anyone to argue otherwise.

But before you get swept up in a frenzy, call a ‘mandatory meeting’ and begin persuading your partners on why it’s time to allocate a budget for a Mobile marketing campaign; let’s make sure the timing is right to pull the trigger. Moving from one arena to the next may not be the best game plan. Unless you’ve maximized your website first. Let’s do an inspection (“ATTENTION ON DECK!!”) to see where you’re at from an online standpoint first; shall we?

Q: Where Is Your Website’s Marketing Traction– In other words what percentage of your customers are a direct result of internet marketing?

A: A minimum of 15%  (more like 25% to 30%) of revenues should come directly from your online presence. If your website doesn’t have an impact on at least 15% of all leads generated for your business, it’s probably time to reconsider your approach.

Q: Are you generating online leads on a daily basis?

A: You should always be working towards generating online leads everyday. There’s a niche group of people online who are interested in your services. Find where they are and concentrate on driving them to your website through pay per click, s.e.o., blogging and social media. There’s no reason to shift gears until you’re firing on all cylinders in these areas.

Q: Are you converting visitors into potential customers?

A: So you’ve got the phones ringing off the hook. Congratulations!! Indeed a great achievement (give yourself a round of applause)!! Your website is attractive enough to turn a visitor into a conversation. But the buck stops there. Now it’s time to streamline the sales side of it. This doesn’t mean you need to be “Joe the shady car salesmen.” It means you need to ask the right questions, develop trust and ultimately show them how your service meets their needs. Then (and here is when the true test begins) you have to duplicate the process throughout your team. Even if it’s just one person, teaching others how to mirror your brand is the difference between running your business or your business running you. If you’re the only one who knows how to land new business, once you take a step back to focus on other things; your sales will too.

If You Have Leads You’ll Always Have A Business

More often than not entrepreneurs go from one marketing extreme to the next without ever forming a foundation. This behavior repeated over time can lead to bad marketing decisions and ultimately ruin your business. My mentor always told me if you have leads you’ll always have a business. Of course it’s easier said than done but no one ever said the life of building your own dreams was easy; it’s just worth it.

In A Nustshell

Mobile marketing isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Take your time and build a passive income using more conventional online marketing strategies first, then reinvest where you see fit. Thanks and take care.


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