The End Of Yellow Pages? Premier Pixels Web Design Las Vegas
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The End Of Yellow Pages?

17 May The End Of Yellow Pages?

A 10 to 1 vote makes San Francisco the first major city to ban the distribution of Yellow Pages unless other wise requested by a small business or residents. The new law (which is in it’s final stages of vote this week) is part of a three year pilot program to test whether Yellow Pages is still relevant in the age of product information search. Of course we know the Yellow Pages ‘powers that be’ refuse to let it go even though it’s painfully obvious they’re no longer practical. Here’s 5 reasons why…….

1.”Oh No! Not Again!”-How many times over the years have you walked to your mailbox only to see a fresh set of Yellow Pages laying there waiting?  Didn’t it seem like the same damn (heavy not too mention ugly) phone books were just delivered a few months ago? These days very few people care when they receive new phone books because it’s become more annoying than anything else.

2.Its Waste of Space!!- Every time I would get them I remember lugging them back to the house thinking “what a waste.” All they would do is get put in a pile and get thrown out the next week. When was the last time you picked up a Yellow Pages to search for something?

3.Contradicts “Going Green”- According to the L.A. Times almost 1.6 million business directories are dropped on San Francisco doorsteps every print. That equals about 8 1/2 times the height of Mt. Everest. Not too mention the cost of paper waste, production, recycling equipment, cost repairs, man hours and most importantly the trees we sacrifice to continue producing such an out dated form of searching information. Can you say “ALMOST CRIMINAL?”

4. It’s Slow- Raise your hands if you’re busy. Now keep those hands raised if you have extra time to flip open a bulky book only to scroll page after page to find what you’re looking for. The likes of search engines like Google and Yahoo make life a whole lot easier. Don’t they?

5. They’re Not Recognized As An Authority- Yellow Pages use to be the ‘go to’ book. But after they switched their marketing strategies to accommodate the growing demand online; they became direct competition to Google. To complicate things further Google (nor Yahoo or Bing for that matter) doesn’t consider Yellow Pages a quality location for s.e.o. Yellow Pages has since made several attempts to revitalize their brand but failed miserably. Their online model hasn’t stuck because it hasn’t worked and the end result has been disgruntled business owners who were promised the world (higher rankings, more traffic and increased inbound calls) only to get very little in return. The horror stories are endless.

As our Las Vegas web design team always says “the days of Yellow Pages are gone with the wind.” As stubborn a stance as executives at Yellow Pages are taking lobbying for continued distribution; their days are numbered unless they stop being inflexible and figure out another way to stay relevant.

What this means to your business?

This new law represents a new era in entrepreneurship.  It’s more important now than ever to realize the value of search engine optimization and internet marketing. Those that don’t take heed will find themselves much in the same boat as Yellow Pages is right now-on the brink of fizzling out.





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