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S.E.O. Secrets

14 May S.E.O. Secrets

If you’re reading this but have no idea where to begin researching internet marketing; you’re not alone.  Better late than never; RIGHT? S.E.O. is growing by leaps and bounds. The word is out and despite the stigma that’s been so negatively associated with search engine optimization-it’s here to stay. We understand the reluctance. You’ve been burned in the past and vowed never to work with another s.e.o. company again because you refuse to be taken advantage of. But guess what?

Everyone’s Entitled To Have A Change of Heart

Here’s the bad news-you have no choice but to eat your words. So what’s the good news? One day you’ll thank yourself (and your s.e.o. company) for showing you the light.


The upside to s.e.o. has gone way past needing an explanation. It’s rapidly becoming the most cost effective way for businesses of all sizes to leverage visibility online. Our Las Vegas web design team get calls from eager entrepreneurs on a regular basis. The gist being they’re ready to take s.e.o. seriously and hit the it right between the eyes. And as with any business person worth their salt they have a ton of questions. Take a wild guest which one we get asked the most?

“Ding Ding-tell em what they’ve won Bob”

You guessed it-“How long will it take to be in the top positions or the first position?”

Here is the best answer (and really the only one to give a client as a stand up s.e.o. company)

Patience and Time.

As much as we wish we love to simply pull out or Google wand and yell “abracadabra” it doesn’t work that way. There is no magic. Some of you think theres some mythical s.e.o. secrets the rest of us are holding back. There’s not. So you’ve finally made the decision that s.e.o. is a must for your business. Good for you! So what’s your first lesson? Are you ready? Brace yourself because the answer is profound; mind blowing (or should I say philosophical?)

The Ambiance Of Delayed Gratification

Remember back when you decided to take that leap of faith and start your own business? What was the initial financial investment? 5k to 10k to (if you’re lucky) to open the doors. Most of you are probably saying “Yeah right 5 to 10k my a–. I wish.” More like 25 to 50k or even beyond. After all the hard work it took to merely open the doors; did you expect to make the initial return on your investment back in the first thirty days? Hell to the “No”. Most businesses are lucky to yield a profit in the first twelve months. So why would you expect s.e.o. to be any different?

Most clients who begin investing in internet marketing are eager to make an impact but often times their expectations are unrealistic. They expect to be on the first page in thirty days. It’s up the s.e.o. houses of the world to properly gage those expectations from the beginning. If you don’t; don’t get pissed at your client when you get call after call week in week out wondering why they aren’t on the first page yet. You didn’t set proper expectations form the beginning so guess what? It’s your fault.

S.E.O. is a long term investment and just like the 100 shares you bought last month-it’s not going to mature for another nine to twelve months (if you’re lucky).

In The Grand Scheme of Things

As far as investments go; nine to twelve months is a small price to pay before you start seeing major returns. As long as your respective s.e.o. company is on their ‘P’ s and ‘Q’s you’ll see significant results. So before you begin your s.e.o. campaign, take a deep breath and remember to be patient and give it time. The rest will take care of itself. Have a great weekend.


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