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Against the Grain with Multiple Domains

28 Mar Against the Grain with Multiple Domains

Happy Monday! As a Las Vegas web design and s.e.o. company we have the unique pleasure of interacting with business owners who share ideas with us everyday. Entrepreneurs by nature are always thinking outside the box. I guess you could say it’s a genetic predisposition. Though some ideas we hear are brilliant lately we have noticed a trend. There seems to be this ideology that using multiple domains to market the same product or service is a logical multi strategy to increase visibility from all angles.

In theory it sounds good. Many business owners believe that by obtaining domain names that are keyword rich they are taking their competition’s ability away to out rank them. After numerous conversations with clients, our team is convinced this way of thinking is more predicated by a fear of loosing organic rankings to competition as opposed to being logical in your game planning to secure higher search engine rankings.

First and foremost, we all know fear is an emotion. when we make decisions and fear is the motivating factor, it’s more often going to cloud your judgement. Duh? Besides that heres a few reasons why we always deter clients from the thought of multiple domains for the sake of s.e.o.

1. Far From Cost Effective- Unless you have an unlimited budget to work with (and even then) it’s going to cost you far more to manage and maintain a s.e.o. campaign on multiple domains. Think of it like this. We all want to be as aggressive as possible in our s.e.o. efforts; RIGHT? Now if you’re not experienced enough to manage your own s.e.o. than naturally you’re going to bring in an outside panel of experts. Good s.e.o. companies don’t come cheap. Yes the credible ones are worth every penny but if you decide to do multiple domains it’s inevitably going to cost double or triple.

2. Timetable on ROI Is Compromised- Keep in mind the whole point of investing in online marketing is to have a plan to begin seeing a return on the investment. I don’t know about you but I’d much rather focus on one s.e.o.campaign to yield a return much sooner.

3. Harder to Manage- As your business grows there are never enough hours in the day and although this is a good problem to have, running multiple marketing campaigns consecutively is surely going to be harder to manage. More times than not, this will be a daunting task (to say the least). The more you have on your plate, the more challenging it is to get things done properly which ultimately increases the chance for errors and oversights.

4. Content Challenging- We all know content is king. It’s hard enough for us here at our Las Vegas web design headquarters to write unique and original content. Now just imagine writing the same content, for the same products or services with the same features, benefits and selling points. It becomes harder and harder to be original as each site needs to be inviting and tell the story of your company. ¬†After your second or third website, you may end up diluting the message simply by default.

5. Double the Domains, Double the Branding- Branding your business is the single most important part of building for tomorrow and beyond. How can you effectively manage multiple lead inquiries all coming from separate domains? Yes theoretically you could set up different sectors of the office for different lead inquiries but now you’re not only trying to manage multiple brands (for the same services) but you’re also managing twice the headaches to organize, track and tweak conversion.

All in all you would be much better suited to concentrate your efforts with one s.e.o. campaign under one domain. It’s surely the most logical and effective way to build the online sector of your business. You can try the other way if that’s your preference but unless you’re an internet marketing guru, you’re going against the grain more than anything else. Thanks and have a great day!

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