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Mobile Media Revolution

25 Jan Mobile Media Revolution

Top of the morning from Premier Pixels web design and internet marketing headquarters. With the advancement of smart phone technology it’s no surprise mobile media is a hot newcomer on the marketing scene. Starbucks recently unrolled a new mobile payment system to allow customers to pay for their morning dose of caffeine through a smart phone app. I happen to be a big fan of Starbucks (not only for their coffee) but for their commitment to innovate and constantly reconnect with their customer base. Amazing. From a branding stand point-it’s ingenious. From a business standpoint-it’s innovative (not too mention cost effective). From a customer’s perspective-it’s convenient. A win/win for all.

This visionary move from Starbucks proves the growth of mobile media is taking on a life of it’s own. E marketer recently released a report about the growth of social media in the United Kingdom. To say the findings were intriguing would be an understatement. According to the study 20% of all social media from ages 16 to 24 is done through mobile social networking. An astounding number considering social media advertising is expected to grow at a rate of 45% over the next two years.

What does this mean for small/medium sized businesses?

As smart phones evolve into mobile PCs so lies great opportunity for businesses looking to increase exposure for their products and services. The fact is people are becoming more and more comfortable using their smart phones. Some seem to think that smart phones will even play a role in replacing plastic credit cards. Of course this won’t happen overnight as it takes consumers a long time to change their habits but the transition is inevitable. Our web design and internet marketing group believes it’s no longer a matter of if, but rather when people become dependent on their mobile smart phones. The smart phone is becoming the new universal remote control of PCs (remember needing a separate remote for the television, dvd or even the v.c.r.? “Did I just say v.c.r.?” Even at 33, I must be a dinosaur-Ha!).

Now this isn’t to say mobile marketing will be the end all be but a small or medium sized business looking to expand visibility should seriously consider marketing in this arena.

The landscapes of change- As entrepreneurs its important to understand that as the marketing landscape changes, so too should our ability to adapt. Mobile marketing is a perfect example of the proverbial winds of change and the need to keep our marketing strategies balanced and spread out. To all you veterans out there who have a certain way of ┬ámarketing, all this may sound a bit intimidating but it really shouldn’t. The fact is the playing field might change a bit but the game doesn’t. Just keep in mind it’s still all about exposure.

Mobile Optimization- Mobile optimization is still in it’s baby stages but the possibilities for growth are virtually endless. Bottom line is people want to stay connected and what better way to maintain constant access than through their smartphones? Just look at your prototypical customer and ask yourself; is my demographic constantly connected? If the answer is yes than the writing is already on the wall. Go where the fish swim in droves; RIGHT?

Our web design and internet marketing team can help. We are more than happy to answer questions so feel free to drop a line or give us a call. Regardless of the economy, it’s still an exciting time to revamp your marketing strategy. Thanks and have a great day!!!


Premier Pixels Dream Team

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