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S.E.O. Red Flags Pt. 2

06 Jan S.E.O. Red Flags Pt. 2

Good afternoon from Premier Pixels Las Vegas web design and internet marketing team. Let’s continue where we left off yesterday. Again the purpose of this is to let you know how to recognize a red flag when looking at potential companies to handle your internet marketing needs.

“We Can Do Everything For You-” Does this sound familiar? Any credible S.E.O. firm will tell you it’s extremely difficult to get concrete results if the client doesn’t invest time during project development. Of course you’re busy-aren’t we all? Running a business is time consuming but if you don’t have the time to invest in your S.E.O. it’s best to put it on hold until you can. Otherwise you won’t get nearly as much out of it. Any company who tells you they will handle everything is selling wolf tickets. Think about it; who knows more about your industry than you? Some aspects require a touch of industry knowledge. For example-Blogging is a huge part of marketing. Is it reasonable to expect a S.E.O. firm to write quality content about your field of expertise? No. Technically they could but it would be a lot of fluff instead of useful information. Besides being hands on will teach you more about how internet marketing works. A good firm will teach while they market for you. When a client signs on to our program usually they say ‘what do you need from me?” Our Las Vegas web design and internet marketing team can sum it up in two words-“Your time.” So stay clear of those who claim to be able to handle it without your insight.

Won’t Share Trade Secrets- Any reputable company worth their salt is an open book with their S.E.O. practices. There are countless characters who claim to have this ‘end all be all’ secret to internet marketing that no one else knows about. As if the methods of S.E.O. are some top secret covert operation. Malarky. In every industry there are those who are in constant search of the Holy Grail of success. They’re so quick to jump ship and try the next “big thing” that they forget about the fundamentals. These personality types never cease to amaze because they are so wishy washy.  Just as any growing industry the winds of S.E.O. change direction from time to time. So its important to remember elements may change but the fundamentals don’t. Be leery of the company who claims to have the end all be all plan-they’ll end up hurting  you far more than help you.

No Proven Track Record- Any time someone claims to specialize in something it’s only natural to ask for an example. Think about it-you wouldn’t take pilot lessons from someone who couldn’t take you up for a test flight first-would you? Of course not. The same applies here. Nothing says ‘I can get the job done” like a track record. If you’re looking for a s.e.o. company wouldn’t it be safe to ask that company what they rank for? What are their rankings and for what keywords? The best part is you can actually go see for yourself without even asking. For example if you type in “Las Vegas web design” Premier Pixels is on the first page. The proof is really in the pudding in our industry. So do your own due diligence. Where does that internet marketing company rank? Remember to be location specific. A quick mention-if someone can’t show you concrete evidence, ask them why. Their answer will tell you everything. There are some exceptions to the rule. Like maybe they just left a s.e.o. company they worked for to start their own business. If they’re telling the truth you should be able to tell.

This is just some food for thought based on our own experiences. Remember Ben Franklin once said “A fool thinks himself to be wise, but a wise man knows himself to be a fool.” Thanks and have a great day!!!!


Premier Pixels Dream Team

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