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Lacing Up The Consumer Walking Shoes

14 Dec Lacing Up The Consumer Walking Shoes

Happy Holidays from Premier Pixels Las Vegas website design team. The past few months we’ve been getting lots of questions about the “how to’s of converting visitors into actual leads (conversion).

“How do I entice a visitor to initiate contact with me?”

“Most of my traffic exits without leaving contact information; what gives?”

“What am I missing here?”

These are legitimate questions. There could be several reasons. Maybe your website isn’t properly posted with “Call To Action” buttons. Maybe you’re over complicating the amount of information you have throughout the presentation. Maybe you haven’t separated yourself enough from the competition in terms of what you offer. There’s a million ‘maybes’ to speculate on. After all we all have different objectives. It’s all relative. Regardless of the business model at hand as business owners there’s an underlined theme that more times than not we may be overlooking (don’t worry we’ve all been there).

When it comes to the introduction and presentation of your website the most essential question to ask yourself is

“How tight have I laced up my consumer walking shoes?”

If I were a consumer looking for products or services relative to my business-what would attract me?

Have you ever sat down and made a list of the core 5 things in your field you would look for in a website before you decided whether it was deemed credible or worthy?

I know, I know it seems a little cliche; RIGHT?

But it really can make a huge difference. For example-here’s how Premier Pixels list would look if we were looking to attract a visitor to our own site

1. Do we emphasize an exceptional client service experience (credibility, track record)?

2. How does the quality of our services measure up in the marketplace (competitive advantage)?

3. What kind of deals, discounts or promotions do we offer (making it worth their while to purchase now)?

4. Does the purchasing or contact process scream SIMPLICITY (it’s as easy as 1,2,3)?

5. Are we encouraging visitors to take the next step (call to action buttons to fill pipeline) properly?

Our Las Vegas website design team takes each new client through this process from the very beginning of project development. It allow us to gage creative direction and give you a better understanding of what your demographic looks for.  It’s a very important step. A well thought out website presentation has a rhythm and a theme.  A little “method to the madness” if you will.

The point is consumer skepticism has never been higher. When a visitor goes online they’ve already built up a wall. As much as they’d like to have reason not to; their guard is up. It’s their defense mechanism. Your website is a tool. It’s your job to use that tool to allow them to unclench their fists. It starts from the time they land on your site. You have about two or three seconds to grab them or they’re off to another site. They will repeat this over and over until they find a site they deem as credible and practical. Make sense?

So really ask yourself; have you laced up your consumer walking shoes? Have you made your list? It’s so easy to do yet just as easy not to. Then again that’s success as a whole. It’s easy to do but just as easy not to do. Our Las Vegas website design project managers are trained from day one to help you establish selling parameters that yield higher conversion rates. We hope this provided some insight into some of the nuances of an effective web presence. Thanks and have a great day.


Premier Pixels Dream Team

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